Our Story

NFPD SNOW BRAND Warmest Premium Snowboarding & Ski Hoodies

NFPD Snow Brand - No Friends On Powder Days is an independently family owned Ski, Snowboard & Snowmobile apparel business. We have no corporate backing or outside investors and are fully bootstrapped. We grow from the continued support from each of our valued worldwide customers. We are currently selling to over 12 countries and stocked in retail stores in Breckenridge, Colorado and Wellington, NZ.   

No Friends On Powder Days is 100% Australian owned & designed snow clothing & accessories. Our snow clothing range consists of Ski/Snowboard Hoodies, Tall Hoodies, Custom Hoodies, Long Sleeve Tees, Organic Tees and many more snow accessories.

NFPD - No Friends On Powder Days was created in twenty seventeen and was born out of our love of the famous powder snow from the Japanese alps.

NFPD is snow slang for ‘No Friends on Powder Days’. On fresh pow days, if you wait for your friends and partners to get their shit together, chances are the resort trails will be tracked out before the day has even started!

No friends on powder days is a motto that you will hear in every snow town around the world! Powder days are a rare commodity and when its nuking down – you won’t want to miss the pow or the face shots.

"The phrase 'No Friends On Powder Days' is a Joke playfully hinting at the thrill of seizing epic moments solo, yet the true essence lies in sharing these experiences with friends' and loved ones which is priceless. Respecting the mountain and its ever-changing conditions is paramount. Venturing into the side or backcountry demands caution and skilled buddies. Equip yourself with proper avalanche gear and training.


Our mission

Our mission is to inspire a zest for life outdoors, encouraging people to embrace the thrill and fun of skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling. We're passionate about living in the moment, immersing ourselves in mountain culture, and savoring the freedom and connection to nature that these fun activities bring. It's in these moments that we truly feel most alive. Alongside this, we're dedicated to delivering the warmest top-notch products and exceptional customer service.

No Friends On Powder Days is a lifestyle brand that you can wear on the mountain, or in the streets. We create simplistic timeless designs which are environmentally aware and sustainable. 

We are proudly CHILD LABOUR FREE to manufacturing level. Child labour free is a certification that independently inspects and analyses supply chains for the use of child labour.


Learn more about NFPD Snow Brand Founder Marty Clay at martyclay.com